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There is a shortage of software engineers, globally and particularly within Africa

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Some of the brightest young minds lack the resources and quality training to seize valuable opportunities in the software world


Introductory Course

This is a 1-week long coding course introducing students to coding using Python. By adapting Harvard’s famous CS50 Introduction to Computer Science to fit a mobile-only environment, we make this accessible to all students, regardless of socio-economic background.

Coding Bootcamp

Top students from the Introductory Course proceed to the Coding Bootcamp. This is an extremely demanding 12-week-long full-time coding bootcamp covering world-class training ondevelopment in the MERN framework, UI/UX design, and artificial intelligence developing durable skills for the 21st century and tech entrepreneurship through specialist expert workshops.

Internship & Specialisation

Coding Bootcamp graduates continue their training through a 6-month internship with a partner tech firm. They work in teams of four with support from a working professional while specialising in a skill our research has revealed to have the highest employability potential.

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