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World-class training and apprenticeships with US and European companies. Web development, UIX and Artificial Intelligence. $0 upfront cost.


A world in which any person can realise their full potential, regardless of their draw in the lottery of life.


Our mission

To connect high-potential talents with the world’s best education to fill skill gaps in the global jobs market.

A visit at Kagumo High School

The Challenge: Bringing high quality jobs to talented people

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Our Program

Starting with a 1 week introductory course, followed by a 4 months bootcamp and then placement into 8 months paid internships.

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How Do We Work?

We design our training using insights from frontier scientific research and state of the art technology trends. Our priority is ensuring our work is collaborative and transparent.

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Success Stories

These are the success stories of the 2023 cohorts from the DirectEd Bootcamp Kenya. Each story showcases the achievements and experiences of our talented graduates.

Ronnie Final Project Demo - TrackMinder

Ronnie is currently a student at Nairobi University and a part-time intern working with a US tech startup. This web application was designed and built in just 1 week as part of module 5 of the intensive DirectEd Bootcamp.

DirectEd Saved my Life - Testimony

Elizabeth Gitau, 18 years who recently graduated from Maryhill Girl's High School talks about her personal experience and motivations for joining the DirectEd Bootcamp Kenya 2023.

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